Our Clinic is open 6 days a week as follows:

Monday to Friday:9:30am ~ 6:00pm
Saturday:10:00am ~ 3:00pm
Sunday, Holiday:Closed

** If you are not available to come during the regular hours, please contact us. With 24 hours’ notice, we can arrange the time during the off-hours.


Services & Fee 

  • INITIAL EVALUATION : 30 min $60

Questionnaire, interview and examination, followed by TCM diagnosis and proposal of treatment plan.

  • INITIAL ACUPUNCTURE Treatment: 1 hr 20 min $135
  • ACUPUNCTURE & CUPPING: 50 min $100

Benefits of acupuncture can extend to a wide variety of conditions, from emotional disorders (anxiety, depression) to pain syndrome.

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into the superficial skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles at particular acupuncture points and manipulating them. *Every new patient requires initial evaluation before treatment.


  • NECK & SHOULDER: 50 min $100

Total relaxation of neck & shoulder. Combine Acupuncture & Cupping Therapy & Hot Stone Massage to melt away all the tension from the work. For the initial treatment, it will be $135



Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture was originally developed for patients with paralyzed muscles from Bell’s palsy or stroke. The result of treatment was so cosmetically pronounced overtime that it was transformed into a program for anti-aging and beauty.



Initial evaluation and 1 week of traditional herbal medicine prescription

  • HERBAL MEDICINE REFILL 2 weeks : 15 min $120
  • HERBAL MEDICINE REFILL 1 week :15 min $70

A second allotment of a herbal prescription


Initial evaluation and herbal medicine trial for 3 days. 3 days of traditional herbal medicine trial to encourage patient who never tried or is skeptical about traditional herbal medicine.



API is a treatment for arthritis, muscle and body pains, nerve compression, disc herniations, headaches, injuries and other chronic or acute pain conditions. Injected with biologically active substances to treat pain, swelling, inflammation and toxin accumulation, among other problems. *Every new patient requires initial evaluation before treatment.


  • WELLNESS INJECTION (B12): 15 min $30
  • WELLNESS INJECTION (B12) X 10 sessions: 15 min $250

B12 is essential for Neurological health and can help with: Increased energy, Boosts Metabolism, Aids in Weight Loss, Helps prevent memory loss, Aids in digestion, Helps Hypo-Thyroid problems, Increases Red Blood cell count, Helps fight depression / irritability / regulates emotions, Helps prevent allergies, Helps prevent migraines. *Every new patient requires initial evaluation before treatment.


  • MIC & Vitamin B complex: 15 min $ 70 ( 10 sessions: $ 600)
  • Double MIC: 15 min $ 90 ( 10 sessions: $ 800)

MIC is a weight loss injection to help break down fat, stimulate metabolic functions, provide energy, regulate cholesterol and blood sugar and acts as an antioxidant.  The injection is administered into the high gluteus maximus region. *Every new patient requires initial evaluation before treatment.

  • Lipo Dissolve : 1 session $300 ( once/month)

Lipo Dissolve uses a naturally occurring substance called Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) to break down fats. When injected into the mid-layer of the subcutaneous fat in problem areas such as love handles, belly fat, saddle bags and jowls. It works rapidly to break down these fat cells.


  • CUPPING THERAPY: 30 min $70

Traditional Fire Cupping Therapy with acupressure massage (Tuina) *Every new patient requires initial evaluation before treatment.


Late Cancellations & Missed Appointments

In consideration of other clients and your therapist, please allow at least 24 HOURS NOTICE to change or cancel appointments. You will be CHARGED A FEE for late cancellations or missed appointments.